RTX 2060 Power Consumption Expert Guide in 2023

RTX 2060 Power Consumption: Due to the way it strikes a balance between performance and cost, the GeForce RTX 2060 is good for gaming and very well-liked graphics card. It won’t provide nearly the same performance levels as a 30-series graphics card, let alone a 2070 or 2080. However, it’s more than sufficient to play the newest games on medium settings without experiencing choppy frame rates.

The RTX 2060 is a popular graphics card known for its performance and versatility. However, one aspect that is often a concern for users is power consumption. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on the power consumption of the RTX 2060, including information on how it compares to other graphics cards, how to measure the power consumption of your own RTX 2060, and tips for optimizing power consumption.

RTX 2060 Power Consumption Guide 2022

RTX 2060 Power Consumption:

First, it’s important to understand how the power consumption of a graphics card is measured. The power consumption of a graphics card is typically measured in watts (W) and can be divided into three main categories: idle power consumption, average power consumption, and peak power consumption.

Idle power consumption is the amount of power the graphics card consumes when it is not being used for gaming or other demanding tasks. Average power consumption is the amount of power the graphics card consumes while running games or other demanding tasks at a consistent frame rate. Peak power consumption is the maximum amount of power the graphics card consumes when running particularly demanding games or tasks.

If you want to measure the power consumption of your own RTX 2060, there are a few different methods you can use. One option is to use a power meter, which is a device that plugs into an outlet and measures the power consumption of appliances and electronics. Another option is to use software such as MSI Afterburner or EVGA Precision, which can monitor the power consumption of your graphics card and other components in real-time.

How Many Watts Does An RTX 2060 consume every Hour?

The power consumption of an RTX 2060 graphics card is 165 watt-hours per Hour or 0.165 kilowatt-hours per Hour. You will utilize about 1.4 kilowatt-hours per week, given that PC gamers worldwide spend 8.5 hours playing each week.

But it only applies when you’re playing video games; chances are, you’ll also use your computer for other purposes at other times. Keep that in mind, as the graphics card still uses power even though it will take significantly fewer watts while you aren’t gaming.

But that’s another thing to keep in mind: not as much as the rest of your PC. Only the graphics card is included in these statistics; your other components will also use energy.

Typically, the graphics card uses the most power, while specific processors can use up to 200 watt-hours every Hour. Depending on your components, a typical PC with an RTX 2060 graphics card will probably consume 400 to 450 watt-hours per Hour of power.

How Many Watts Does An RTX 2060 consume every Hour?

How to Optimize the Power Consumption of Your RTX 2060 Graphic Card?

To optimize the power consumption of your RTX 2060, there are a few steps you can take. One simple way to reduce power consumption is to use a more efficient power supply unit (PSU). A PSU with a higher efficiency rating will waste less power as heat, which can help reduce the overall power consumption of your system. Additionally, you can try lowering the graphics settings in your games or using a game mode that is optimized for power efficiency. Finally, keeping your graphics card and other components clean and well-ventilated can help prevent overheating, which can also reduce power consumption.

The Best Power Supply For An RTX 2060:

The optimum power supply for an RTX 2060 should have a minimum rating of 600 watts, allowing any power spikes even if you’re utilizing a high-end processor alongside it. Choose one with an efficiency rating of at least 80+ Gold.

If you’re upgrading to an RTX 2060, this EVGA power supply is a perfect option. In a mid to high-end system, it has more than enough power to handle the demands of the graphics card efficiently.

Additionally, it comes from a well-known brand, has a 5-year warranty, and is reasonably priced considering all those factors. The main drawback is that it isn’t modular, so you’ll need to find somewhere to stow away any cables your tower won’t need.

Best Power Supply For An RTX 2060

What RTX 2060 Power Cable Do I Need?

Depending on the specific model, an RTX 2060 graphics card may require a different type of power cable. While others could need two 8-pin cables or an 8-pin and a 6-pin, some merely need a single 8-pin PCIe cable.

You must adequately connect each connector to your graphics card to supply it with the power it needs to function. You might have to unplug other PCI-powered devices or switch to a newer power supply if you don’t have enough ports.

FAQs about RTX 2060

Is 450W enough for RTX 2060?

An RTX 2060 graphics card is unlikely to be powered by a 450-watt power supply. The suggested minimum power supply is 500 watts, although most gamers prefer to choose a 600-watt power supply to ensure trouble-free operation.

Is 500W sufficient for the RTX 2060?

The lowest power supply required for an RTX 2060 graphics card is 500 watts, although if you have a powerful processor and a gaming motherboard, even this will push things. It is recommended to purchase one with more power, ideally 600 watts or more.

Can RTX 2060 be used for mining?

An RTX 2060 graphics card is compatible with Ethereum mining. However, it is typically insufficient for Bitcoin mining. You can earn more money from cryptocurrency mining on a specialized machine with many graphics cards than on a standard computer.



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